by quartz prawl

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drums by Tbell Evans
Spencer Bible helped write windingunwound

recorded 1/17/16 at the smoke bat dungeon by Jesse Godbey in meadowcreek, arkansas
mixed by Phillip Eubanks at tape land

cassette released by Chicago buds, Athletic Tapes -- athletictapes.bandcamp.com/album/horsies


released January 24, 2016

thanks to the little fox crew: Jesse, Katie, Gillian, Kenny, Patrick, Anna
thanks also to Jacob, Phillip, RD, Bryce, Brian, Shelby, Ian and friends and family


tags: world Arkansas


all rights reserved


quartz prawl Arkansas

herbal ruin overgrowth


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Track Name: sundown
look alive

the sum of searching
the infinite unknown
its not a habit its a home
and this home's burning

Track Name: friendshalang
my friend how've you been
i've thought of you often since we last spoke
our distance has grown so
our distance has grown so quiet and


i've been living in the deepest darkest dream
you wouldn't speak to me
i've been out of it out of this and that
cautious i wore kid glove when all i wanted to do was
play rough

to hold and let go
to lead and to follow
a friend is a friend love
a friend is a friend of


i've been anxious waiting on your line
eating peanutbutter straight outta the jar
these days take like honey funny
the pain brought by doing nothing

i miss you
but i don't know how to tell you how much
i care

you want to know what i think
between you and me
everything is not fucked

between us

let's be friends again
Track Name: windingunwound
tell the truth now
what did you see
your face shone such swift dawning
a foal in your hands

gone lonely
like a town

cold in your hands
cold in your hands

napping at the bus station
tear-soaked jacket underneath my head
i'm crying
the whole world's dying

moths circling the lamplight
wind spills chilly thru the buildings
i'm hammered
two tangled bodies

are you sure now can you speak to your conviction
claim transparency you make your memories
but when you tell the story not even you trust it no is it
a lie
Track Name: country
way out in the country
hidden in the green
negative position
give it up for free
wasted preserves
safe haven
attempts at redemption
attempts at
crude rendering of a feeling
arbitrary words
demons calling baby
pacific gone away
Track Name: a year when dogs needed no leashes
ourselves grow lighter
when we lose our claws
no killing no

ourselves grow kinder
when we drop our guards

ourselves take heart
at the very thought
we take heart

the sun's still shining near midnight

a year when dogs needed no leashes
Track Name: rupert
my dog loves rock n roll
he goes to lots of shows
he's one smart animal
yeah rupert's a whole soul

he practices self control
when he leaves food left in his bowl
he lets you know
he lets you know