wish ru

by quartz prawl

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engineered, mixed, and mastered by Derek Bromley

Lorie Bromley did the keys on butthurt rock and enunciation, and the bass on almond butter.

Derek played all the drums except on the first half of almond butter, helped write the lyrics to butthurt rock, and added guitar, keys, and singing, plus hella effects, throughout the record.

recorded at Derek and Lorie's old place on Mt. Sequoia during the summer of 2015

check out Lorie and Derek's band, Gibberish, here:: gibberishmusic.bandcamp.com

photo by Jon Katze

thanks to Derek and Lorie, Alex Trevino, Spencer Bible, family and friends

Rupert the dog


released December 17, 2015



all rights reserved


quartz prawl Arkansas

herbal ruin overgrowth


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Track Name: butthurt rock
we go (coming out to see the light, she's in mind)
travel far (travel all around, you ride)
far and wide (far and wide until you arrive at black and white)
we go
outside (when I'm outside)

and sometimes it's hard to say goodbye
when you know
it's hard to say
goodbye goodbye goodbyebye


you go
you travel far
you see the cities the trees the dirt the rocks the shooting stars
you feel the sand between your toes and wonder why when how
you got (t)here what happened

you're on the side of the road you don't know
you don't know where you came from you're fucked you fuck
the lights went out and it's dark you're hot and thirsty
past hungry
past hurting

you're in a nameless town get off a fucked up frown
you're undesireable
desire no one no how
unless your socket needs a plug
your fuck needs some loveeleases
you're shit out of luck
plain dumb with empty fun

can't write for the lights
get got
got caught
stomach taught last thoughts
quartz prawl
ghoul howl
late night out for blood
the number's on the fridge
Track Name: ditches
there was a dog on the side of the road
didn't have no place left to go
saw it at a distance we were headed home

sitting at the kitchen table stoned
storm raging thru the window
you were angry talking loud yelling out
something about
a time long ago
bad vibes from the past and you know things best left unsaid

in a lighthouse on a sea far away
was gonna leave you was gonna leave you that day

in a lighthouse on a sea far away
was gonna leave you but decided to stay
Track Name: almond butter
soon we'll wake up
feeling different

may take time

it ain't no joke
yet i can see
an opening
some space to breathe

a little humor in this situation could go a long way
a little humor
a little humor in this situation
a little humor

this is so ridiculous
how absurd
i thought we were serious
what have we learned

no cause for concern ooh
it's all in good fun
it's all in good fun

no cause for concern ooh
it's all in good fun
it's all in good fun
Track Name: litaly
you know it never ceases to amaze me
how there's such good things
and you know sometimes
i think i may've missed the chance to thank you
for doing such good things
such good things

and you know
i know
or at least think i know
this fear
fear of lust

way out in the country
hidden in the green
negative position
give it up for free
safe haven
attempts at redemption
attempts at redemption
crude rendering of a feeling
arbitrary words
demons calling baby
pacific gone away
Track Name: enunciation
you see a person with your eyes
you look at a person in your mind
you remember people who you were

it was unexpected a surprise
dawn the beauty of a sun's rise
oh la la la la la
oh la la la la la la la la la la la